14 March 2012

C4T #2 Summary

Ms. Sackson

What Ed Said
What Ed Said is a wonderful blog from Melburn, Australia. Ms. Edna Sackson is the author as well as the teaching and learning coordinator for the International Baccalaureate PYP school.

19 February 2012
I commented on Ms. Edna Sackson's blog "What Ed Said". I had to double take on the first sentence... I then realized that she taught at a school in Australia that goes year round. Their school year corresponds to the actual calender year. Better than ours? I thinks so, but that is a whole other discussion. Her post was about the number of different people one can find when participating in a group activity. If you have ever taken part in something along the same lines, you can relate.

27 February 2012
Ms. Sackson posted a blog about teaching media literacy. Ms. Sackson is part of a group of teachers and students that are exploring 21st century learning. This week, the students had to go to a number of media sites and comment on what they saw there. The team of teachers, named Year 5, met to discuss the comments and discover where the students interests lie. One comment, by a student named Mia, really caught their attention: Why was YouTube invented? The Year 5 group then posed questions to the students based on Mia's comment: What is the purpose of You Tube? How is it used? How has it evolved? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Why is it blocked in some places? This question was also posted on the What Ed Said blog for other people to join in the inquiry. Here is my comment:
In response to the YouTube question:
Obviously YouTube was created for a place to share media, but I think the historical aspect of YouTube is interesting. I know that the website is cluttered with ridiculousness, the video with the most views is a music video from Lady Gaga, and as Ms. Sackson stated above, there are plenty of obscenities, but if you think about it, how cool it will be to have our grandchildren not only be able to read about the events that shaped our lives, but be able to watch the events that shaped our lives. YouTube is a virtual historical library of film. I think that is neat!
What Ed Said's blog award

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