16 March 2012

Blog post #7

Networked Student

This video by Wendy Drexler really shows the importance of a PLN, or personal learning network, for today's students. The Internet is the most powerful resource we have. The amount of information and misinformation is enormous. A well developed PLN is the key to sorting through all of the information and ensuring the quality of information that you need. a PLN is not only important while a person is in the educational setting, but is something that will be used throughout their entire life. We never stop learning. We never stop asking questions.

In this video, the question, "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?", is posed. The same could be asked in a time with only text books... If a student could read everything on their own, why are teachers needed? Teachers provide the student with guidance. Effectively, teachers are educators. Educators teach the student how to learn and what to learn. Educators build foundations of education for the students to build upon. There is no way to teach anyone everything. The goal is to provide the necessary skills and information to facilitate a person's self education. Relate this to a golfer. The golf coach can teach the mechanics of the golf swing and the finer points of the game of golf, but the golfer has to swing the club, learn to hit the ball, and play the game on their own.

Welcome to My PLE!
In this video, a 7th grade student takes you on a tour of her Symbaloo Webmix that displays her personal learning network. I have started my own Symbaloo Webmix and love it! My Webmix is no where near as full as her's is, but I will be adding to it periodically. I think this tool is a great way to keep track of the resources you use to self educate.
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    1. Yes, Dr. Strange, my blog post was late. I would rather post something with quality substance, late, than on time with a half hearted effort. I'm not being sarcastic, just stating how I feel. Blog post #8 is going to be a day late as well, but with a much more thorough posting than what I would have posted by Sunday.

  2. I agree with you about teachers. Teachers show you how to learn and how to find information that is correct and not inaccurate. If a teacher did not show you how to identify information as false or true then a student would be in danger of learning, using and passing on information that is not true.