04 March 2012

C4K Summary

I commented on Kenneth's blog in Mr. Chamberlain's Noel Elementary class. The blog was somewhat sparse, but one post caught my attention.
"I walk in and I smell blood in the the cabin.I hear a howl in one of the rooms, suddenly I hear the click of the door locking behind me! In the dark room my blood is racing through my veins."
What a suspenseful piece! From an eighth grader! I think there may be some potential there...

Special C4K
I commented on Lauren's class blog about her amazing video. I expressed how much I was impressed by the quality and how creative her video was.

C4K #2
I commented on Samantha J's wonderful blog relating to the why and how of Zebra stripes. Samantha is a high school student, but contributes to her blog like a seasoned adult blogger. She is very interested in nature and desires to help keep the planet clean by educating the readers of her blog.

I commented on Sam's Story. I presume Sam is a female student. She is in the 6th grade class taught by Mr. Avery in Plympton, Mass. She has only had her blog up for about 24 days, but she seems to be on the right track.
I commented on Shakeem's blog. He is a student at Ferry Lane Primary School in Tottenham, London, England. There was only one blog post, but it was an excellent poem.
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  1. Hey Robert,

    Your comments for kids are great! I know these students were excited to get your comments. Thanks for linking us to your comment so we can see what the students are up to.

    Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Akins