01 April 2012

C4K Summary

25 March 2012
C4K #6
I was assigned to comment on the Class 12 blog. This is a 4th grade class from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. This blog post was a movie that gave facts about the Titanic tragedy. I thought the movie's use of chalk on the pavement/concrete was interesting, but a little hard to read.
Bamboo Bridge, Bamboo bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

C4K #7
This week's Comments for Kids was for a 7th grade student from Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Her name is Kayla. She loves to dance! I have a 13 year old daughter who is a cheerleader for her middle school, so I know a thing or two about a teenager and their love of dancing!
Her most recent post, "7 Things That You Don't Know About Me", is a great way to connect with your blog audience. For most of us bloggers, we only have our "about me" section which gets filled in at the beginning of our blog and our blogs become filled with everything but stuff about who we are. I think it is essential to know who the person is while you are reading a blogging contribution. It helps with perspective.
Kayla's home

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